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Let Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida Give Your Roof New Life

As a home and business owner, you probably don’t think about your roof’s condition every day. You trust it to keep the cool air inside and the bad weather out. But when your roof begins to age and deteriorate and needs re-roofing to give it new life, trust the experienced roofing experts from Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida. Since 1987, our local, fully licensed roofing company has helped home, and business owners protect their property and save more on roof repair with effective, affordable re-roofing services. We will guide you through the process, explain all of your affordable re-roofing and roof replacement options, and take action to ensure your roof stands the test of time under any conditions. Call us today for your estimate.

House with Architectural roofing

What Is Re-Roofing?

Re-roofing is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to restore and revitalize your roof. During the re-roofing process, our experienced contractors place a new shingle layer over your worn shingles. The new overlay gives your roof new curb appeal and enhanced protection against wind, rain, hail, leaks, and other damaging elements. When choosing re-roofing, it is important to remember that the process can only be done ONCE. It is not only a matter of roof aesthetics. Building codes throughout Lakeland, West Palm Beach, Miami, and south Florida prohibit adding additional layers. If you experience further issues with your roof after the re-roofing process, you will have to get your roof replaced. Contact us to schedule your estimate and discuss your re-roofing options.

The Cost of Re-Roofing

Cost is one of the top considerations for anyone who needs roof repair or roof replacement. According to a national average, roof replacements cost anywhere from $6,000-$10,000, depending on where you live and the materials involved. Roof replacement can also take weeks to complete. In contrast, re-roofing is much more affordable for business and homeowners, averaging approximately $3 – $10 per square foot. Your re-roofing costs will also vary depending on the type of roof you have, the roof slope, and the materials (shingles, tiles, slate, metal, etc.). Call Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida at any time to get an accurate estimate for your unique re-roofing project.

Man doing a roofing work

The Benefits of Re-Roofing

Our company has more than 30 years of experience working on roofs throughout Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding area. In all that time, we have a perfected our process to get the job done right. Choosing top-quality re-roofing services from us gives you a wide array of structural as well as money-saving benefits for your commercial or residential property. The most popular re-roofing advantages include:

  • Improved Roof Strength & Durability: Re-roofing installs a double layer of advanced, modern shingles on your roof. This added protection makes the roof stronger and more durable than ever before against the elements.
  • More Roof Repair Savings: Re-roofing does not require you to replace your entire roof. There is no need for extensive labor, replacement materials, or transportation costs. It is one of the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective ways to restore your roof and save more on roofing repairs overall.
  • No Disposal or Recycling Costs: Re-roofing is a straight-forward process that works for all types of homes. It eliminates the need to dispose of all your old roofing materials, so there are no dumpsters needed or recycling to do. You won’t be charged for rentals or additional labor from roofing contractors so that you can save more money and time.

Choosing Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement

When your roof is damaged, you have a choice to make. You can either layer over the existing roof with new materials one time or replace your roof entirely. Roofing replacement means removing your entire roof down to the decking and installing a new one. This will give you the strongest, longest-lasting roof possible, but the process may be too costly. Roof replacement can also uncover structural damage, such as rot and sagging, that you would not see with re-roofing services. If you know there is no structural damage to your roof, however, re-roofing becomes the obvious, affordable choice. Re-roofing is the best option when a roof‘s lifespan is coming to the end of its recommended use but is still in good condition. Talk to the roofing professionals at Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida during your estimate. We’ll examine your specific roof structure and guide you through all of your roof repair and replacement options so you can make the best choice.

Contact Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida for Re-Roofing

Whether you choose re-roofing or roof replacement for your home or business, you’re going to need true professionals by your side. Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida knows the importance of having a safe, sturdy, beautiful roof for your property and goes beyond the standard call of service to ensure you get it. Make us your trusted roofing expert in the Lakeland, Palm Beach, Miami, FL area, and get quality re-roofing services and repairs that can be measured in lifetimes. Call us today for your personalized estimate.

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