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What Are the Best Ways to Repair a Hole in Your Roof?

No one wants to look up and see a hole in their roof. It’s not only unsightly, but it can also lead to serious damage if left unrepaired. The good news is that holes in roofs can be repaired quickly and easily with the right materials and techniques. Our team at Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida shares the top tips for repairing a hole in your roof – and what to do if the job needs to be completed by our professional roofers.

Repairing a hole in your roof from Paul Bange roofing in Lake Worth, FL


Identify the Source

The first step to repairing a hole in your roof is to identify the source. If it’s an existing leak, you should determine where the water is coming from and address the underlying issue. Once you’ve identified and addressed any potential issues, it’s time to actually patch the hole.

Remove Shingles and Debris

Before you begin patching, you’ll need to remove any shingles that are in the area as well as any debris or old nails. This will ensure that your patch job is effective and won’t be damaged by any existing materials, as well as clearing the way for you to complete the job. You don’t want to be pushing aside any shingles while you’re trying to work.

Frame Your Opening

Once you have the area cleared, you’ll need to frame your opening. This involves cutting lengths of lumber to frame all sides of the opening. You’ll want to screw the top and bottom frames to the roof rafters, and make sure that the hole bisects the top edges by about half.

Install Decking Patch

Measure your decking and the size of the opening you have made. Use these measurements to cut a corresponding piece of plywood. You’ll want to use construction adhesive to coat the top edge of the frame, put the patch into the hole, and secure the whole thing with exterior screws.

Tar Paper

If there are any gaps around the patch, fill them with roofing tar and cover it with tar paper. You’ll want to be sure that the tar paper goes under the top row of shingles and down to the sides of the uncovered decking. Finally, nail it down with roofing nails.


Now that you have your patch in place, it’s time to put the shingles back. Place your first row of shingles onto the patch and nail them down. You’ll want to make sure that you overlap a few inches with each row as you go up so that they nest together properly.

Schedule Your Roof Repair Today

Is patching your roof out of your comfort zone? Our team is here to help! Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida offers professional roof repair services that can get the hole in your roof patched up in no time. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment and restore your home.